I recently had the pleasure of creating a new website for Avocado Wonderland.

Known as the one-stop-shop for everything Avocado, the niche gift store was running into issues with the order fulfillment and general store performance.

A website audit helped identify the key areas for improvement for Avocado Wonderland. From a customer’s perspective, page load speed, catalogue filtering and the clunky checkout process were marked as key areas to fix if we were going to improve the shopping experience.

A bespoke theme was created which tied in closely with the overall branding of Avocado Wonderland. Funky fonts and colours now make the once dull website pop. Streamlining the shop interface was another key area for improvement. Customers can now filter products by category and price and since Avocado Wonderland offers worldwide shipping; customers can now convert product prices into their currency.

WooCommerce was upgraded to 4.x and the SQL database was optimised to clear any unnecessary data bloating. The eCommerce platform now features an integration with the suppliers to provide direct order information from Avocado Wonderland to the supplier for order fulfilment. The order process is then synced via the REST API to provide customers with order tracking IDs and estimated shipping arrival dates.

Page speed and security has also undergone an overhaul with browser caching, firewall, brute force protection and general anti-spam implemented, along with Cloudflare now handling the global distribution of static files via the CDN and an extra layer of security.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for any Avocado lover, be sure to head over to the newly launched website for Avocado Wonderland. – www.avocadowonderland.com

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