Frequently Asked Questions


Every website is different and comes with its own specific functions to meet your desired goals. Is your website to advertise your business? Is your website trying to capture new memberships? Are you looking to sell your products online?

With this being said, no website is exactly the same so an off-the-shelf price doesn’t apply to websites. You can however request a free quote online by completing the proposal planner.

I develop websites using a range of content management systems. The most popular platforms include WordPress, Drupal and Webflow, however I also develop websites with ModX, CMSMS, Joomla!

Yes I can certainly assist with your re-design services. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or complete the online proposal planner to receive a free quotation.

Yes most definitely. All websites created by me are optimised for mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers to ensure an optimal browsing experience.

Each website I build includes search engine optimisation tools to help you optimise your pages for search engines. Upon launching your website, each site is optimised for search engines and successfully submitted to Google and Bing.

All projects are quoted in full before I start any project with no nasty surprises. If you wish to extend the project or require work outside of the agreed brief then I can create a new project scope or offer a simple hourly rate.

Most certainly, I offer ad-hoc development services and also website maintenance packages.

eCommerce & Online Stores

I specialise in creating eCommerce websites which are tailored to your businesses goals. I can help design, develop, launch your online store and provide you with the skills to manage the on-going running of your online store. Request a free quote online via the proposal manager and I’ll be in touch to discuss your ideas.

Payment gateway integrations can be tricky if you’re not a developer. I have experience integrating many of the leading gateways for eCommerce including Stripe, PayPal, Authorise.net, Square, Westpac PayWay, Commonwealth Bank and many more.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your website in further detail.

Yes, I offer development services Membership websites with recurring billing cycles. If you are looking to launch a new website, please complete the online proposal planner for a free quote.

If you need to reach out for ad-hoc development assistance, please don’t hesitate to enquire online and I will be in touch!

I create eCommerce websites using a range of platforms including WooCommerce (WordPress), Shopify, Bigcommerce, Neto, Prestashop and Opencart to name a few. After we establish the goals the website, I will choose the optimal platform for your needs.

For assistance adding buy now pay later functionality to your website, please contact me on 0468 629 301 or enquire online.

I can assist with everything from plugin and module updates, to content tweaks, adding new products and newsletter campaigns to re-market to your customer base. For more information, check out the maintenance plans I offer here.

Website Maintenance

Content updates refers to any page content on your website. Whether that’s text, images, navigation links, videos, products or minor design & layout changes.

I work in weekly sprint schedules. This means my week is planned ahead to schedule each project. Client’s with website maintenance packages are given a ‘VIP’ service with priority support. This means they go the front of the queue and are processed first.

Yes, debugging issues is my specialty!

There is no reason why your website can’t be fast loading. Sometimes images and media contribute to slow page speeds, sometimes its a long queue of Javascript and plugins which slow things down and it can also be how your server is configured. I can run page speed audits to pinpoint the key areas slowing your website.

Most hosting companies provide website back-up services free of charge, however I can also integrate third-party back-ups to an external source such a Google Drive, Dropbox, S2 Bucket or any cloud storage you may have set up.

I offer website training with the larger website maintenance packages. The reason why training isn’t included in the smaller packages is I don’t want it can be time consuming and I don’t want it to affect your limited hours that can be used for maintaining your website.

Each client who purchases a website maintenance package is provided access to a website maintenance log. The log will outline the date tasks processed, what was processed, the time taken and the remaining time left on your package.

Web Hosting

Yes, each hosting account will include access to CPanel.

Yes, you can create subdomains in CPanel. The limit will depend on your hosting plan.

All hosting plans include unlimited databases.

Hosting does include email accounts which you can configure in CPanel. The number of locally hosted email accounts depend on what hosting plan you choose.

You may also choose to decide to host your emails through a cloud provider such a G-Suite of Office 365.

Most certainly! You may need some assistance integrating this as DNS records need to be altered.

SSL certificates are included free of charge.

All hosting options are based in Australia with data centres in Sydney and Melbourne.

All hosting plans are billed annually.

Branding & Logo Design

Custom logo creation is my speciality.

All branding projects must be paid upfront before commencement.

Most certainly, your chosen design will include minor design tweaks / revisions – just as long as those revisions don’t push the boundaries and turn into a completely different design.

Your files will be exported ready for use on the web. Typical file types include jpg, png, gif. You will be supplied with different size variations for each export

Your files will be exported ready for print. Typical file types include jpg, png, bmp, pdf. You will be supplied with different size variations for each export.

Yes! Once the project is completed and accepted by you the client, copyright ownership is transferred.


SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimisation) is the strategy of increasing a website’s visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO helps the website to effectively “rank higher” in the search results for keywords that are important to your business.

For each search term, there can be hundreds or even thousands of web pages to choose from, and Google ranks these in order of relevance. To do this they use a special algorithm which looks at over 250 different factors.

SEO uses best practices to help “optimise” your website so it that Google sees it as relevant for your target market. With higher authority comes higher rankings, and more traffic to your website.

Every business is different, and some will see positive results faster than others, depending on the level of competition, the specific niche you’re in, and the existing authority your website already has. SEO is a gradual process and it takes time for the research, implementation and Google to acknowledge and index these changes. You should start to see results within 2-6 months and these will continue to grow over time.

Keyword research is one of the most important factors when it comes to effective SEO. I focus heavily on learning about your business and niche, including your ideal customer. From there, I use a combination of tools and competitor analysis to help identify a range of target keyphrases that users are searching for. I provide each client with the data to demonstrate search volumes for each keyword along with recommendations on which are the most suitable to target based on your audience, goals and budget.

There is no limit to the number of phrases you can target in your SEO campaign. I will come up with a list of potential keywords, based on relevance and search volumes. I also group them into themes to work out the best pages to target each phrase and advise you on the best approach.

As well as live reporting tools built directly into your website, I can also provide you with a monthly performance report to keep you in the loop.

Much like a website, there is no single set price for SEO services as each website is different. If you would like a quote, please enquire online today and I’ll be in touch!