Top 3 Australian Shipping Extensions For WooCommerce

If WooCommerce powers your WordPress online store, you’ve probably noticed the hundreds of shipping extensions you can install. Shipping Methods can be setup quickly and easily via flat rate shipping methods, but when it comes to dynamic pricing and order tracking, which WooCommerce Shipping extensions are the best choice?

Below are my top three Australian Shipping extensions for WooCommerce.

Australia Post Shipping Method


Use the Australia Post service to ship your products? The Australia Post Shipping Method by WooCommerce makes this a breeze.

Australia Post is a premium shipping method which let you get shipping rates from Australia Post’s Shipping API which handles both domestic and international parcels.

The extension requires that your store uses Australian Dollars for it’s currency and primarily works with cm and kg, but other units can be converted automatically. The plugin connects to Australia Post via an API to auto calculate dynamic pricing based on product size and weight.

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Transdirect Shipping Plugin for Woocommerce


The Transdirect Shipping Plugin for Woocommerce gives you access to Australia’s largest courier and freight companies, and allows your clients a seamless checkout process. This plugin comes bundled with access to a ton of Australian courier companies and it’s very simple to setup.

The main features of this plugin are:

  • Free to use
  • Simple configuration.
  • Great shipping rates from Toll Ipec, Fastway, Couriers Please, Toll Priority, Northline, Mainfreight and more.
  • Seamless checkout process for your clients.
  • Multiple quote options.
  • Insurance options available.

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TNT Express Australia Plugin for WooCommerce


This WooCommerce Shipping Plugin uses TNT Express Australia’s External RTT service to calculate the shipping cost estimate. It requires that your store uses Australian Dollars (AUD) for its currency and that your store’s base country is Australia.

Registration with TNT Express Australia is required. In order to use the External RTT service users will need to authenticate successfully to the system. This will require users to have a valid account with TNT which has been registered for use with the system. During the registration process users will be assigned a username and password which will be used for authentication.

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Posted on November 20, 2017 | Categories: Blog