Sell Products Online with Shopify


Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution trusted by over 160,000+ businesses worldwide. It’s experiencing rapid growth in the past two years, and it isn’t hard to see why; Shopify is loved by store owners, shoppers and developers alike.

So what is it about Shopify that makes it so great?

Shopify boasts an intuitive, and truly user-friendly interface that makes even the most computer illiterate able to manege their products and orders. Shopify is actually enjoyable to work with. So much so that you might find yourself harboring an expectation that you will one day find a hidden area where complications and frustration lurk. You won’t, because it isn’t there. Every aspect of Shopify’s offering has been meticulously crafted, and the results of the focus on user experience are undeniable, and it’s hard to see how it could be made any better.


Some of the key features Shopify includes out of the box.

Reasonable Price

Building websites can be costly, especially hosting and maintaning eCommerce sites. When you consider the costs required to properly set up a shopping cart and payment system, the cost rises even more. Shopify takes care of payment processing, hosting and more!

Quick Learning Curve

As I said before, Shopify is WYSIWYG and relatively straight forward. Not that it is easy, but compared to doing everything from scratch? Fugettaboutit. There are a lot of settings and there is a certain level of technical know-how required, but if you can read instructions, you can build a Shopify website start-to-finish.

Payment Processing Sorted!

The money is important, right? Setting up a functioning payment platform for a shopping cart is complicated. Shopify has their own built-in system. AND you can add PayPal, Google Wallet, etc. Does Shopify take a cut of the transaction? Yes. I promise you would pay more to a developer to build a custom payment platform.

A Growing Apps Directory

This is the part that should really get you excited. What are mainstays of e-commerce websites? Customer reviews. Product feeds. Email list management (MailChimp). Social widgets. You name it. Many apps (plugins) are free including customer reviews, MailChimp and a pretty snazzy Google Shopping app. There are tons of free and premium apps to add to your site with the click of a button.


One place; one login. Management of your products, inventory, customers, product feeds for marketing, SEO, your website design and more. Shopify really covers all areas of management.

In conclusion, Shopify rocks. Should Big W or Target run out and start using it today? No. But if you are a small business retailer and need a website – Shopify has everything you need.



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