What Is Responsive Website Design?

Seamless Browsing Across All Devices


Does your business have both a desktop website and a separate mobile site?

A lot of large companies do these days. But why would you need two when you can use one?

Sure having two separate sites can have its advantages when it comes to running online marketing campaigns (Google AdWords for instance) but generally, most businesses can get away with one website.

Responsive web design is a big deal as more users than ever are using mobile devices for internet purposes. Basically responsive designs refers to your website being able to respond to different screens sizes and still offer an intuitive user experience.


So what makes it so helpful?

  • Images (and other visual elements) automatically resize to fit on all devices
  • Greater user experience consistency
  • Less complex on the backend – reduced databases
  • Improved load times
  • Touchscreen implementation
  • Improved appearance in search results

Stay Relevant

Refusing the update your old website design is a great way to lose visitors and miss out on opportunities to gain new ones.

Your web design needs to be more than a visual representation of your business; it needs to work with whatever medium your potential visitors can find your site on, whether it is their laptop, cell phone, tablets or other devices. If you would like to discuss responsive design for an upcoming project then feel free to contact me today!


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