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United Group

The United Group is a collective of multiple Australian family owned and operated businesses working together to provide exceptional service across the civil construction, logistics and agriculture industries.

United Group provide a variety of multi-skilled operators, drivers, project managers and technical staff who work on projects in the Upper Hunter to Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Gunnedah regions.


The Challenge

Project Overview

I was engaged to help create a new website for United Group with a goal of improving the overall user expereince, communicate the key departments and increase leads through an SEO overhaul. Starting with a clean slate, the objective was to create a modern, intuitive website which could be used for customers of all demographics.

Bringing Ideas To Life

Design & Functionality

My approach to the website design was to effectively communicate who United Group is, what they offer, and why they are the best in their field.

The previous website embodied a simple layout yet didn’t extract any emotion; it was bland and not exciting. The main goal of the new website design was to be more visual and striking. Bold colour contrasts and images have been used throughout to achieve this. The abstract layouts and visual animations help keep the user engaged and since the re-launch of the website bounce rates have dropped a massive 73%.

Responsive design now enables the site to be easily accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The mobile-friendly layout also coincides with the addition of WebP supported images and website caching to help deliver faster load times and a better user experience.
On-Site SEO has also been given an overhaul and each page has been optimised for Google and Bing search engines.


Responsive Design


Website Development


Speed Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation

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