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Textured Hair Studio

Led by the immensely talented Ange, who brings over 14 years of experience to the table, Textured Hair Studio ais a Ballina Hairdresser home salon, dedicated to transforming hair dreams into stunning realities.

Known for her passion in creating bespoke looks and her commitment to excellence, Ange specialises in everything from fresh new styles to perfect lived-in blondes, while also offering expert haircare advice. 

Textured Hair Studio - Ballina NSW Website Design by Robert Mullinuex

The Challenge

Project Overview

Textured Hair Studio approached me to spearhead a digital transformation aimed at enhancing their online presence with a modern. The goal was to develop a future-proof website that not only meets contemporary aesthetic and functional standards but also sets the studio up for sustained success. The existing website was functional but lacked the engaging user interface and strategic elements necessary to convert visitors into clients effectively.

Key Objectives

Bringing Ideas To Life

Project Outcome

The redesign of the Textured Hair Studio website significantly enhanced the business’s online presence and perception. Strategic improvements boosted online visibility, attracting more potential clients and leading to a remarkable 61% increase in client leads, thanks to the optimised user journey and compelling calls-to-action.

Additionally, the bounce rate decreased by 47%, reflecting an engaging website that encouraged visitors to explore more content. The streamlined content creation process gave the studio full control over their content, facilitating timely updates and greater autonomy. Ensuring cross-device compatibility broadened the studio’s reach by enhancing user engagement and accessibility across various devices.

Overall, the project not only met but exceeded Textured Hair Studio’s expectations, providing a robust foundation for their ongoing digital marketing efforts and a scalable platform to support their future growth.


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