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Stripproof Industries

Stripproof Industries are a family owned business and a leading provider of premium epoxy flooring solutions to Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland.

Specialising in transforming the look and functionality of floors for both residential and commercial properties, the team at Stripproof Industries pride themselves on using only the best materials and providing the highest quality of flooring solutions.

Stripproof Industries Website Design - Robert Mullineux Freelance Web Developer Australia 2023

The Challenge

Project Overview

Stripproof Industries sought to revamp their antiquated website with a contemporary and cutting-edge design. The objective was to epitomize the company’s 2023 vision while establishing a robust framework for future expansion. Essential to this endeavor was the implementation of a meticulously tailored search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, facilitating enhanced online visibility. Furthermore, the website aimed to furnish users with effortless navigation through prominent services, an extensive palette of colour options, and streamlined quote request functionality, to ensure a seamless & immersive online experience.

Key Objectives

Bringing Ideas To Life

Design & Functionality


In pursuit of the aforementioned objectives, a comprehensive redesign of the Stripproof Industries website was diligently undertaken. The outcome yielded a visually captivating and contemporary interface, optimised for seamless functionality across diverse devices. The back-end management system underwent substantial enhancements, enabling effortless website updates and maintenance.

To amplify the customer experience, the integration of an epoxy colour charts catalogue ensured the prominent display of available options, accompanied by comprehensive details. The implementation of an online quote request process facilitated personalised and streamlined communication between prospective clients and Stripproof Industries, thus optimising the quoting process.

Simultaneously, search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques were applied, empowering the website to ascend in prominence and effectively captivate a wider audience. At the same time, the brand identity underwent a comprehensive overhaul, to align with Stripproof Industries’ marketing strategy, resulting in a unified and compelling representation.


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