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ME Fitness

ME Fitness is the longest running gym in the Greater Springfield area and boasts a large, separate weights room, cardio area and group fitness room as well as outdoor training equipment.

Warmly welcoming people from all walks of life, regardless of size, shape, gender or ability, ME Fitness provides 24 hour access to all members.

Gym Founder Darren Kelley engaged my services to develop a custom WordPress website and help imrpove local search engine rankings for the Springfield based gym.


The Challenge

Project Overview

I was tasked with migrating an existing website developed in Joomla! to WordPress. WordPress was the CMS platform of choice for ME Fitness due to its easy to use admin interface; allowing any staff member to be able to make valuable updates to page content.

Along with a fresh re-design, I also integrated a range of key web services including speed optimisation, search engine optimisation as well as optimising the server environment in which the website is hosted.

The new website now ranks for target key phrases in the Springfield area and surrounding regions when users are looking to find a new gym. Since the re-launch, membership enquiries have surged with the free 7 day free trial proving to be a winner for ME Fitness.

Bringing Ideas To Life

Design & Functionality


ME Fitness has a strong history in Sprinfield. The colours and branding are well known, so we weren’t going to change things up to drastically.

The new website sports the nice constrast of black silver, organges and white to present a bold colour palette. The combination of these colours and bootstrap 4 framework present a modern, easy to use website which catches the eye at first glance.

Responsive website design ensures the website is optimised for desktop and mobile devices to offer a seamless browing experience.

While the original website had an over page load speed of 4.9 seconds, speed optimisation in the new WordPress website cut average loading times down to 1.4 seconds.

Custom post types was also added to help ME Fitness staff streamline the management of staff profiles and available fitness classes.


Responsive Design


WordPress Development




Speed Optimisation

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