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Ezy Putt Pickup

The Ezy Putt Pickup is a stainless steel golf ball retriever, designed in Australia and made from the best quality stainless steel.

The Ezy Putt Pickup is the perfect gift for any golfer and for very little outlay. All the best inventions are of a simple nature and this simple stainless steel Ezy Putt Pickup is no exception. Available at all good Golf Pro Shops, you can now purchase Ezy Putt Pickup online thanks to a new eCommerce website developed by yours truly.


The Challenge

Project Overview

Ezy Putt Pickup is an Australian company based in Northern NSW. Since its early days, Ezy Putt Pickup has grown into a true success story for Australian innovation, helping golf lovers across the country improve their game without risk of back injuries.

I originally developed a basic information website in 2014 and the new owner of Ezy Putt Pickup engaged my services to help bring the company into the world of eCommerce and help expand sales nationally and internationally. The new website was to allow golf lovers in Australia and overseas purchased the Ezy Putt Pickup and have it delivered straight to their door at a low cost purchase.


Bringing Ideas To Life

Design & Functionality


The design overhaul saw the Ezy Putt Pickup website take on a completely new look. The new website features the latest and greatest design technology to provide a seamless browsing experience across desktop and mobile devices.

The simplistic layout compliments its easy navigation and accessibility for users of all ages and technology understanding – after all, many of the target audience aren’t very tech savvy.

With a streamlined approach to UX and a vibrant colour palette, the not only looks modern and professional, but is configured to be easily managed by Ezy Putt Pickup Staff.

WooCommerce and Stripe power the eCommerce side of things and Elementor now gives staff complete control over every aspect of page design. The addition of a stockist page now provides customers with a quick and easy way of finding their closest retailer by using the real-time search and filtering.


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