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eCommerce Development / Design

Black Dog Honey

Black Dog Honey is Northern NSW’s leading supplier of organic raw honey, honeycomb, beeswax and beekeeping supplies.

Comprised of a couple who live in Nimbin NSW, Black Dog Honey has grown from a small hobby into a successful business through hard work and pure organic and wholesome products. The sustainable business which is completely off-grid produces some of the finest raw honey, beeswax and honeycomb products.

Spreading the love for beekeeping, Black Dog Honey now also creates and supplies quality beekeeping products so others can enjoy the benefits of a sustainable way of life.


The Challenge

Project Overview

Black Dog Honey engaged my services to help design and develop a custom eCommerce website to sell their products Australia-wide.

Not only was the website to offer eCommerce, but also become a valuable source of information for those interested in general health & well-being and beekeeping. With a customer base containing people of all ages and technical experience, it was paramount that the website be accessible and easy to use on desktop and mobile devices.

The challenge was to also include flexibility and control over a number of functionalities including payment gateways, shipping rules and restrictions, website security, page layout configurations and general website upkeep.

Bringing Ideas To Life

Design & Functionality

The Black Dog Honey website design is very visual. Trom the instance the homepage loads, the hero banner video montage captures your attention to showcase the process of extracting honey and turning it into the final products.

Throughout the website you’ll find each page follows a simple structure layout and lots of white space. A clean, polished and easy to use layout was out end goals and user testing showed us that users of all age demographics could navigate the site without any hiccups.

Whether you’re browsing for beekeeping products or honey products, the flow from the shop page to the checkout is very streamlined to keep the customer journey free of distractions and boost sales.

Square and Afterpay were both integrated to offer credit card processing and buy now pay later flexibility. Black Dog Honey also requested restrictions around what shipping and payment methods are available to customers depending on the items in the cart; so conditional logic was implemented to enable this feature.

Search Engine Optimisation was also carried out on all website pages and products, including rich schema markup, speed optimisation and technical SEO.

Security is also a major factor that is overlooked by many these days, so the addition of brute force production, firewalls, database security and Google ReCaptcha on website forms – including the shop checkout was implemented for peace of mind.


eCommerce Development


Responsive Design


Conditional Shipping


Conditional Payments


Buy Now Pay Later


Search Engine Optimisation


Brute Force Security


Speed Optimisation

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