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An Introduction to Google E-A-T

E-A-T your way to reliable content on Google!


The E-A-T criteria is not a mere fashionable food critique website or recipe database, but rather an integral set of Google’s standards utilized to assess the veracity of web pages. As a user, you undoubtedly aspire to access dependable and trustworthy information whenever you initiate a Google search.

E-A-T, an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, has recently expanded to include a new aspect, ‘Experience,’ which further underlines Google’s commitment to ensuring user satisfaction through credible sources.

A Breakdown of Google E-A-T (really E-E-A-T)


Experience is the initial “E” in E-A-T and denotes that the worthiness of information is assessed on the grounds of whether the individual who crafted it has firsthand familiarity with the subject matter. It’s an indispensable component of E-A-T, as it adds a layer of authenticity and depth to the information presented.


Expertise constitutes the second “E” in E-A-T and encompasses the proficiency and know-how of the content creator. It’s a crucial factor in determining the credibility and relevance of the information presented. It’s worth noting that this attribute pertains solely to the creator of the content, and not the platform on which it is hosted.


Authority represents the “A” in E-A-T and pertains to the prominence and esteem of the content creator or the website hosting it. It’s a pivotal factor in assessing the reliability and accuracy of the information presented. By gauging the standing and credibility of the source, users can better determine the veracity of the content and make informed decisions.


Trust constitutes the “T” in E-A-T and holds tremendous significance for Google. It encompasses the degree to which individuals can have faith and confidence in the information presented, the author’s credibility, and the website’s overall trustworthiness. This attribute plays a crucial role in ensuring user satisfaction and fostering a dependable and transparent online ecosystem.

Google E-A-T Diagram - Robert Mullineux

What is the purpose?

Google’s ranking algorithm is predicated on two fundamental criteria:

  • Relevance: This denotes the extent to which a webpage aligns with the user’s search query. A page is deemed relevant if it satisfies the user’s search intent by providing the most accurate and appropriate information.
  • Quality (E-E-A-T): This encompasses the comprehensive quality of a website or its content, encompassing the factors of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T). By ascertaining the overall quality of a website, Google strives to provide users with the most reliable and credible information available.

The impact of E-E-A-T can extend to the following domains of Google search:

  • Rankings in classic Google search
  • FAQ snippets
  • Rich snippet elements
  • Review/stars
  • Display in Google Discover
  • Display in Google News
  • Sitelinks
  • Featured snippets, if applicable
  • Indexing of content

How can I improve my E-E-A-T?

A website’s high E-E-A-T rankings signal that Google regards its content as reliable and accurate. This is particularly crucial for topics such as health or legal issues, where the dissemination of incorrect information could have serious consequences.

To elevate E-E-A-T scores, website proprietors must ensure that their website boasts a well-designed interface, features quality content that showcases their expertise, and incorporates relevant links from reputable sources. They must also manage their online reputation by proactively responding to reviews and addressing negative feedback.

For website owners, prioritizing E-E-A-T can help attract more visitors and foster credibility. For users, it can facilitate access to trustworthy information.

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