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5 Upsell Shopify Apps To Help Boost Sales

Increase Average Order Value & Boost Sales!


Upselling and cross-selling products to your customs is an effective way to maximise your Shopify sales and boost your average order value.

How many times have you hit the checkout with your heart sold on just the single item, only to be persuaded into snagging an extra something that’s on sale?

If a customer is willing to purchase an item, they may be willing to purchase more. For Shopify merchants, there is an abundance of options to integrate upselling but what’s right for your store?

I’ve been working with the Shopify platform since 2014 and below are in my opinion the five best Shopify apps for adding Upsell functionality to your store.

5 Best Upsell Shopify Apps

1. Candy Rack (one-click upsell)

Candy Rack is an exceptional Shopify App and a must-have for almost any type of Shopify store due to its intuitive management of upsell offers and and easy to use interface. It’s not too intrusive to the customer’s shopping experience either so it’s a win-win.

Candy Rack provides a pop-up window that allows users to add items to their carts with just one click. You can upsell anything, such as gift wrapping, warranties and premium support. Candy Rack is a convenient yet powerful Shopify App that you can use to fine tune how and when you want to display upsell offers.

For more information on Candy Rack – view the official Shopfy App page.

Best Upsell Shopify Apps - Candy Rack - Robert Mullineux 2020

2. ReConvert (thank you pages)

If you’re thinking you can only upsell products when a customer is in the process of making a purchase, you’re wrong! It’s entirely possible to earn more from a customer even after they’ve already purchased an item. With an upsell thank you page, you could give a customer a good reason to buy more.

ReConvert provides a simple drag-and-drop interface which allows you to easily customise your thank you pages. It also offers additional features, such as discount pop-ups with countdown timers (to create urgency), re-order buttons and more.

For more information on ReConvert – view the official Shopfy App page.

Best Upsell Shopify Apps - ReConvert - Robert Mullineux 2020

3. Bold Upsell

When you upselling items, you don’t need to restrict yourself to just one upsell. If your first attempt at making an upsell doesn’t succeed, you can still convince a customer to spend more by recommending a different items when they are at the checkout. You can also offer multiple upsells in a given order regardless of whether a customer accepted or declined your first suggestion.

Bold Upsell helps you do this. It lets you create upsell funnels by allowing you to display up to three consecutive rounds of upsells and cross-sells to a given customer. Like Candy Rack, it also lets shoppers add your recommendations with just one click.

For more information on Bold Upsell – view the official Shopfy App page.

Best Upsell Shopify Apps - Bold Upsell - Robert Mullineux 2020

4. UNLIMITED Smart UpSell Offers

As this app’s name implies, one of its core features involves providing customers with unlimited offer views, no matter what plan you purchase. This maximizes your average order value greatly and is a feature that earns it a spot on this list.

Create upsell offers with just on click when using its Auto-Pilot Upsell feature. A powerful upsell app, UNLIMITED Smart UpSell Offers can help you promote new products, help move up-popular products on sale and more in an easy to use interface.

For more information on UNLIMITED Smart UpSell Offers – view the official Shopfy App page.

Best Upsell Shopify Apps - Unlimited - Robert Mullineux 2020

5. In Cart Upsell

Pop-ups can be very an effective upsell tool. However, some people feel they’re intrusive. If pop-up isn’t your style, you can always add upsell suggestions directly on the Cart page via the In Cart Upsell Shopify app. Its algorithm monitors a shopper while they’re browsing your store and adding items to their cart. When they begin the checkout process, without bombarding the customer with a potentially annoying pop-up, the app recommends other product they’re most likely to be interested in based on the items they selected and looked at.

For more information on In Cart Upsell – view the official Shopfy App page.

Best Upsell Shopify Apps - In Cart Upsell - Robert Mullineux 2020

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