5 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Instagram

Get Social, Get On Instagram!


1. Show off your brand’s personality

It doesn’t matter the type, size or age of your business, all business’ have a personality that you’ll want to show off to both customers and potential customers. You can use Instagram to share photos and videos of company events, competitions, celebrations, milestones, mascots and more to differentiate yourselves from the competition, and keep you top of mind.

2. Engage directly with your target audience

Photos are far more likely to engage social media users than text. Post photos looking for feedback, run competitions, comment on other people’s photos relating to your brand or industry… there are plenty of ways to start a conversation and get others interested in your brand.

3. Monitor what your competitors are up to

Instagram may still be new to you, but it’s likely that a number of your competitors will already be using the tool. View how your competition use Instagram and how successful their strategy is – and use this information to shape your Instagram strategy for the future.

4. You can get creative

Twitter and Facebook require a certain degree of creativity, but Instagram takes it to a whole new level. It’s easy to post a photo, but it’s harder to post a photo that appeals to a large number of people and keeps them coming back for more. Once you crack it, though, you’ll soon find out just how useful a channel it can be.

5. The stats don’t lie

The reason why you should include an Instagram digital strategy is because it’s a growing channel. With over 50 million sign-ups in the last 6 months alone, the level of engagement is exponentially growing. Its users are incredibly active, and there’s a whole host of marketing activities you can do with the service, including running competitions, telling stories, going behind the scenes of your brand and a whole lot more. Sign your business up to Instagram today and watch your online presence grow!


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