5 Google Adwords Tips To Increase Customer Traffic

Master The Adwords Strategies for Increased Sales


While undoubtedly a popular choice in digital marketing, I’ve conversed with numerous business owners who’ve nearly thrown in the towel on paid search advertising.

In most instances, they started with AdWords full of hope, only to face steep bid prices, lackluster quality scores, and dismal click-through rates that drained their budget without results.

Avoiding these pitfalls is simple – set up your campaigns right from the beginning.

To steer clear of these same missteps, here are some savvy tips for leveraging AdWords to ramp up your sales:

1. Master the Account Setup

When it comes to account setup, Google’s toolkit is often helpful, but the AdWords setup tool can be the exception. It’s known for suggesting doomed keywords and sprawling campaigns. If you’re new, skip the automated advice and focus on a small set of highly-targeted keywords and ad combos. Once you’ve nailed it, you can expand your reach.

2. Give yourself time to erase old mistakes.

Starting an AdWords campaign often means facing low quality scores initially. This requires bidding higher than competitors for a strong ad position, mainly due to a poor historical account or keyword performance. Keeping an eye on both your ad quality score and page content is vital. An improved score boosts your ad rank and cuts costs. Google will “learn” your account over time and reward your patience with better results, usually within hours or a few weeks.

4. Aim for conversions, not positions.

Contrary to a common myth, securing the top spot or near it isn’t always the golden ticket for ad clicks. Savvy searchers prioritize relevance over speed. They’re willing to explore more landing pages, converting at a higher rate as a result. Tailor your strategy for conversions, not just rankings, for fruitful outcomes.

5. Tweak your ads for higher click-through rates.

Want to up your AdWords game? It’s simple – garner more clicks on every ad. This approach attracts the right audience and elevates your quality score simultaneously. Don’t hesitate to experiment with diverse ad variations to uncover the magic message that resonates.

6. Perfect Landing Page Conversion

Getting clicks is just half the story; converting them on landing pages is the other half. Much like your ads, constant testing and tweaking of landing page concepts are essential to figure out what clicks with your audience.

Success in Google AdWords’ pay-per-click realm requires a dash of creativity and a wealth of knowledge.

If the world of Google AdWords intrigues you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Let’s set your AdWords journey in motion today.



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