5 Google Adwords Tips To Increase Customer Traffic


While it’s definitely one of the favourite digital marketing options, I have met with numerous business owners who swear they’ve just about given up on paid search advertising.

In most cases, they started out AdWords with high hopes, but after high bid prices, low-quality scores, and dismal click-through rates rendered their efforts expensive and inefficient.

It’s an easy mistake to make if you don’t set up your campaigns the right way from the start.

To help you avoid making the same mistakes, here are a handful of tips for using AdWords to help increase your sales:

1. Set up your account the right way.

Set up your account the right way. Although Google’s different programs are generally helpful and well designed, the AdWords setup tool can certainly be an exception. It’s notorious for recommending keywords and large campaigns that are bound to do poorly. If you’re just starting out, ignore Google’s automated advice and begin with a small group of very targeted keywords and ad combinations. You can always expand your efforts after you’ve had some success.

2. Give yourself time to erase old mistakes.

Most AdWords campaigns start out with very low quality scores – meaning you have to bid much more than competitors to achieve a strong ad position – simply because the account or keyword in question has a poor history. It is crucial to check the quality score of your ads as well as your page content. Having a better quality score will increase your ad rank as well as lower your costs. If new, Google will “learn” your account over time and reward you accordingly. This can happen in a few hours or a couple of weeks; you just have to be patient.

4. Bid for conversions, not positions.

A common AdWords myth is that you have to maintain the top position or something close to it, if you expect to get clicks on your ads. That might be true in a few markets, but committed researchers (that is, the best customers) want the right fit, not necessarily the fastest search result. That means they’re often willing to look at more landing pages than someone who’s just researching, and convert at a higher rate as a result.

5. Tweak your ads for higher click-through rates.

The easiest way to improve your Google AdWords performance is to get more clicks on every ad you show. That helps you gather more targeted visitors and raises your quality score all at once. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different ad variations to find the message and wording that gets the biggest response.

6. Optimize your landing pages for conversions.

Of course, getting people to click on your ad is only half the challenge – you still have to get them to follow through once they reach your landing pages, too. Just as you should constantly be testing and tinkering with your ads, it’s a good idea to test different landing page concepts, as well, to see what resonates with customers.

Being successful with Google AdWords’ pay-per-click advertising takes a little bit of creativity and a lot of knowledge.

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