4 Ways WooCommerce Bookings Bundle Can Benefit Your Business

Sell Services Online, Get Paid Online!


Sell your time (instead of giving it away). That’s one of the key benefits which WooCommerce are pushing with their new Bookings bundle. If you’re looking for an all-in-one bundle to handle online payments, booking schedule, product vendors and coupon discounts; then look no further.

If you’ve never taken a good look at WooCommerce Bookings, you might not realize everything it’s capable of. This powerful WordPress extension can do much more than reserve hotel rooms or book appointments for their next haircut.

I recently had the chance to trial the new WooCommerce Bookings Bundle and was thoroughly impressed. Let’s look at how you can use WooCommerce to sell your time, schedule appointments & events, and even rent products.


Sell Your Time with WooCommerce Bookings

This powerful extension allows you to sell time or date-based bookings, adding a new product type to your WooCommerce site. Perfect for those wanting to offer appointments, services or rentals.

Create booking slots

Optionally create fixed time slots when bookings are available, or let customers decide.

Intuitive booking management

Filter and update bookings, as well as booking availability, directly from your WordPress admin.

Multi-person bookings

Have bookings created for a customer-defined number of people, and optionally offer a per-person discount.

Manually create bookings

Create bookings manually via the WordPress admin, mirroring the frontend bookings form your customers see.

Customer email notifications

Set up email notifications to be informed of confirmed or requested bookings, as well as booking reminders.

Custom-tailored booking costs

Define custom costs per booking, resource, block, people or duration of the reservation made.

Booking confirmation controls

Make bookings right away or send to you for approval.

Control booking availability

Define when your booking is available to customers.


Flexible payment options for local and international payments

Let customers pay when they check out or after a booking is approved. WooCommerce is integrated with leading payment providers, so you and your customers are always safe.


Rent products out on a temporary basis

You can now use WooCommerce Bookings to rent or temporarily reserve products — everything from clothing to party supplies to lawn and garden equipment. While the typical usage of the extension might be to permanently sell something, there’s no reason you can’t use it for an item you get back.

You may even want to use Bookings to lend out products on top of what you’re already selling — so, for example, customers can either a buy a new outfit outright or rent it for a reduced cost just to wear on a date.


Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

Set up automatic email reminders for upcoming bookings or reservations, proven to reduce no-shows and make sure customers find their way to you right on time.


What will you do with WooCommerce Bookings?

As listed above, there is a lot you can do with the WooCommerce Bookings Bundle, from selling your time to booking specific people to renting out products on a temporary basis and accepting payments with ease.



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