3 Steps To Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

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In the online world it is important to remember you’re not only working against your business rivals, but super-short attention spans of modern media consumers.

When a visitor lands on your website how much staying power does it have? It is vital that you complete these 3 steps to convert visitors into paying customers.

Step 1 – Get The Attention


While a visitor has arrived at your website, don’t just assume you actually have their attention. Within seconds (usually three-six seconds) of arriving at your website visitors will make a judgement call as to the quality of your product or service offerings based on the layout, imagery and text on your website.

Forget creating a website that features a jumble of text, images and widgets that all scream at visitors at random, as it is vital to employ an organised approach.

I can’t stress enough to keep information uncluttered and easy to access via clear navigation tools and simple menus. This makes it easier for people to quickly understand an overview of your business and portrays your brand in a professional light. Visitors to your website will generally decide within seconds if your website is worthy of their time and whether they will stay to learn more about what you offer.

Step 2 – Getting Your Visitors Engaged


So your professional looking website has captured the attention of the visitor. Now you want to make sure those visitors can easily find the information they need to know to be confident in what you offer.

That means learning what visitors want and ensuring it features prominently. By minimising navigation time you’ll also be reducing the chance of visitors being distracted or becoming impatient before they have taken positive action on your website.

For simple navigation be sure to consider the different platforms that a visitor might be using to view your website – including mobile devices. A responsive website design is often the ideal solution in simplifying navigation options for your visitors regardless of the device they use to view your website.

Step 3 – Ask for the Sale


If your visitor has made it this far now is your chance to capitalise! There is an old saying in sales, to ask for the sale. The same thing applies on your website and the way you ask for the sale is by using a prominent call to action.

You need to make clear to the visitor what action they can take to get a free quote, make a purchase, or sign up for special offers. By being firm yet gentle in your call to action, you’ll help people feel more comfortable about interacting with your brand.

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