Website Launch -Ezy Putt Pickup

It’s not every day you come across a genius idea. I recently had the pleasure of designing and developing a website for the Ezy Putt Pickup.

What exactly is the EZY PUTT PICKUP? Well it’s a great little device that extrudes your putter grip to extract the golf ball from the hole. The idea is great for all golfers. Whether you have back or hip pain, or a tired of bending over to pick up your ball, this device has been widely praised throughout the Australian golf community.

When I initially spoke to Phil, he mentioned he needed a slick website that was simple and straight to the point. I incorporated the product design colours as well as a general golf feel throughout the website i.e. sand and grass textures.

Built using custom WordPress template development, I hand-coded this website from scratch to enable a responsive design that displays on all devices. The site also features a responsive slideshow and gallery management feature as well online order and enquiry forms.

Check out the brand new Ezy Putt Pickup website today at


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Posted on July 26, 2015 | Categories: Blog